Nominations for the 2023 Ann Snitow Prize are Now Open

Nominations for the 2023 Ann Snitow Prize—a $12,500 award for an outstanding feminist intellectual/artist and activist working in the United States—are now open.

To nominate someone for the Ann Snitow Prize, visit the nomination page. The deadline to submit a nomination is July 15, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

The Ann Snitow Prize recognizes a person of extraordinary vision, originality, generosity, and accomplishment who is currently engaged in work that combines feminist intellectual and/or artistic pursuits with social justice activism. It is named after Ann Barr Snitow (1943-2019), a much-loved feminist writer, political activist, and teacher who was a founding member of No More Nice Girls and the Network of East-West Women. The past winners are Mariame Kaba, Sarah Schulman, and Premilla Nadasen. 

“For better and worse, feminism is not a consistent ideology promising knowable ends or a panacea applicable in all situations,” wrote Ann in The Feminism of Uncertainty. “I believe feminism has great longevity, but only if it is a continuous shape-changer, capable of responding to new conditions and expectations.”