About the Prize

The Ann Snitow Prize is a $12,500 yearly award for a feminist intellectual and activist, living and working in the United States, who has consistently exhibited the qualities that led Ann to be so admired and cherished. 

The awardee is: 

• A feminist, broadly defined: someone for whom feminism goes beyond a movement for rights and equality to a vision of a world without social domination or economic exploitation, a world of security, freedom, and pleasure.

• An intellectual and/or artist who thinks with rigor, flexibility, and originality, who tolerates contradiction and even relishes ambiguity—and who inspires and nurtures the intellectual and creative best in others. 

• A radical social justice activist who practices generosity, integrity, and perseverance—and is effective, whether in instigating new formations; mobilizing and connecting people; and/or sustaining and growing campaigns, projects, groups, and institutions. 

Prizewinners may be academics, independent scholars, educators, writers or artists, full- or part-time volunteer or paid organizers—or currently engaged in any combination of intellectual and activist feminist work. The award may be used however the recipient wishes.

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